Residential  and  commercial Construction 


About Us

Lewis Industries Holdings LLC is managed by Morris E. Lewis Jr. who has a team with 30 years of combined experience in the commercial construction business. With the extensive contacts that Lewis Industries Holdings LLC has in the commercial real estate business, it is estimated that the company will have a significant number of contracts in the years to come.

Construction is not just a job but a passion, and this passion is what drives our company.  LIH is founded on the premise that if you provide great'll get great customers. The company was formed in 1997 under the name Lewis Industries, Inc. and has evolved into LIH (Lewis Industries Holdings LLC), a stronger and more streamlined entity that focuses on our commitment to deliver a level of satisfaction to our customers that dwarfs the competition.

LIH couples New Age technology with old-fashioned know-how to bring our clients the best of both worlds.  Our willingness to push the envelope, both on the interior and exterior design, leaves clients both breathless and eager to embark upon their next project.  

In addition to Commercial and Residential new construction--we remodel and do retro-fits for both owners and investors alike, adding value to each build.  LIH has the ability to self-perform many aspects of a construction project, and the financial strength of the entire organization ensures each client of our ability to always perform – from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting, and just as important, through the warranty period.

 Ultimately, our success in this business is measured one project at a time. After the completion of each project we undertake, there must remain a satisfied client – one who will ask us back for the next project and recommend us to others. Otherwise, we have failed in our mission of providing superior construction services. We simply try harder, and the results speak for your paragraph here.